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made with too much love


局部失明 Localized Blindness / Single-channel video / 19m45s / 2019

局部失明 涵蓋個人檔案,拾得資料,童話名著與文學作品,以眼科檢查/觀察診斷的形式構成一部半自傳式的錄像作品。一個人離世後還剩會淨下什麼?該視頻記錄了去年一些幾乎令人窒息的自我對話:我-作為經歷了連續的幾段逝去的個體,另一個我-作為目睹身邊人事物轉變的觀察者,以及其他聲音,不論是從書本和個人巧遇中,左右呼應主題和局外人之間的距離。


Localized Blindness consists of personal archives, found materials, fictional classics and literary essays in the form of an eye test/observational diagnosis to build up an autobiographical-fictional narrative. What is left after the passing of an individual? The video documents the dreadful, almost suffocating, a conversation between me - an individual who experienced consecutive passings of people and last year, another me - an observational being who witnessed the changes of my company, and the other voices - from books and personal encounters that echo the distance between the subject and the outsider.

Leftover Love / Zine / 28pp / 21 x 9.5 cm / 2019


A series of objects drawn. Objects from my friends and my texts about them.

Text in English:

(Top to Bottom - Left to Right)

I ground all the coffee beans.

I am really correcting.

All the locations of things.

Three: She needs a lot of hugs.

Artificial Morning


His coat

Another one

 so many stuff in progress, i will work hard this year.

so many stuff in progress, i will work hard this year.

so many stuff in progress, i will work hard this year.

yanyanyan 2019

紫藍色車卡 Hyacinthine Scar / Single-channel video / 9m25s / 2018


Hyacinthine Scar condenses the undigested emotions in me while traveling from Hong Kong to my brother’s wedding in Guam. Presences and gazes of all sorts, to look and to be looked at, repetitive camera work of the hired videographers, the vow that is rehearsed over and over again by the priest, all the uncontrollable clickings of the shutter from all the us (including myself), and the endless sightings of different sides of the fragmented Western Pacific... Guam is a 220 sqm island that belongs to the United States, about 2% of the size of Hong Kong, and with nearly 40 beaches. The several mornings I was there, I sat through my breakfast buffet watching people of different ethnicities pulling their suitcases in and out of the hotel, each speaking their own dialect. The many spots I visited appear as though they belong to the passersby. They are as real as they are dreamy.

氹氹轉呀轉又轉 中華花園五里遠 Merry-go-round Round and Round, Chinese Garden is Out of Town / 2016

12 Animated Maps on Loop / Video Installation / Animation Available Upon Request
In Collaboration with Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK)


"Winnie Yan Wai Yin and Joanna-Yulia Wierig worked parallel on individual projects that nonetheless mirror each other in their focuses on different processes of nonfulfillment. In her essayistic video Joanna addresses the tensions between an alleged globalization by means of media and the experienced differences when finally, being confronted with an alien location such as Hong Kong. Winnie took the opposite approach by attempting to document her encounter with the topography of Zurich with maps of evolving sizes that always fall short in their representative function and the necessity of such a failure. " (Birk Weiberg)






(Documentation of Two People Peeling Potatoes)
Video Installation
/ 2015