氹氹轉呀轉又轉 中華花園五里遠

Merry-go-round Round and Round,
Chinese Garden is Out of Town


Animation Installation, 10 min 

In collaboration with Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK)

special thanks to allison, karen, hans, jane, momo 
meret & friends, morena, katrina, jelena, linda, chung, birk, thomas
and all the people drew me a map

"Winnie Yan Wai Yin and Joanna-Yulia Wierig worked parallel on individual projects that nonetheless mirror each other in their focuses on different processes of nonfulfillment. In her essayistic video Joanna addresses the tensions between an alleged globalization by means of media and the experienced differences when finally, being confronted with an alien location such as Hong Kong. Winnie took the opposite approach by attempting to document her encounter with the topography of Zurich with maps of evolving sizes that always fall short in their representative function and the necessity of such a failure. " (Birk Weiberg)



A map that was drawn by a drunk man and his name card.

On the second day of arrival, Meret my friend from Zurich brought me to a Cafe. This man was drinking a glass of white wine, he asked if I study in Zurich. I said no, I just came here for around 10 days. He then started drawing this map where he wanted me to visit the Chinese Garden. Then he left, without paying his wine. Meret and I were very confused why would any Asians want to visit an oriental place in a European country.


A Skiing Map.

Meret brought me to a skiing site on the last day of the travel. It was a bit rainy that day and I forgot my jacket was not waterproof. I guess I almost caught Hypothermia...


A map that was drawn by me,
on a cigarette packaging.

In this work, I need to draw a map by memory every night about the place I went to. On day 8, I was too tired and a bit drunk. I didn't manage to find a proper piece of paper, so I drew on this.


A Zurich Postcard.

I collect a lot of things during the trip that shows a map of Zurich, from postcards to newspapers and brochures.


A map that was drawn by Meret's friends. 

My friend and I went to Meret's place and had dinner with her friends. This is a map that they drawn to show me where they usually go.