YAN Wai Yin (b.1994) works and lives in Hong Kong. She has been a member of Floating Projects Collective since 2015. Yan excels at the juxtaposition and insertion of literary texts in narratives. Through shifting personal observations and the temporal, emotional distance in different texts, Yan inscribes quotidian fragments of memories lingering in space and objects. 

忻慧妍 (生於1994年) 生活及工作於香港。自2015年來為據點。句點成員。忻氏擅於選用文學中的語句並置穿插於敘述過程中,透過轉移個人觀察與不同文本的時空情感距離,刻劃殘留於空間物件中的日常瑣碎記憶。

solo presentation


(U: early may) - exhibition - Black Bird, Frost Flower and Pink Falling Stars, RNH Space, Hong Kong. 

Localized Blindness - Film Salon, Duddell's, Hong Kong.
Timestamped: Selected Films from Yan Wai Yin, de Art Center, Beijing, China. 

selected group exhibitions / screenings / seminars


no––body’s room, The Room Projects (FR) & LUX London (UK).

(U) European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany. 

(U) International Video Poetry Festival VideoBardo 25 years, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

(U) Experiments in Cinema Festival v16.1, Albuquerque, NM, USA.

(U) Art Central Digital Art Program, Asia Society, Hong Kong.


Beijing International Short Film Festival, Goethe-Institut China, Beijing, China.
ANIMA, 7th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition in 2020,
Hong-Gah Museum & Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Taiwan.

Unconstrained Tone, Soundpocket, Hong Kong.

(Awarded Best Experimental Film) South Tainan Film Festival, Tainan, Taiwan.

Wild Out Video Festival, Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Taiwan.

(Awarded Best Best Asian Art Video) SMIF 2020 Asian Film and Video Festival in Spain, Madrid, Spain.

Memory Palace, K11 MOVIE11 x Videotage, Hong Kong.

Un___able Folder 2.0 : you as well, Negative Space, Hong Kong.


Mesh Up, Taipei Art Book Fair, Taiwan.
Return Flight, Floating Projects, Hong Kong + Blender Studios, Melbourne, Australia. 

*Exit Strategies, H Queen's, Hong Kong.

Nothing Can Come Closer, Floating Projects, Hong Kong.



*Algorithmic Art: Shuffling Space and Time, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong.

*ifva Everywhere, Incubator for Film and Visual media in Asia, Edinburgh Place, Hong Kong.

得不到 Folder S1: Drag_Here, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong.

Having a Balanced Diet 2: up and down the color scale over a light bulb, Floating Projects, Hong Kong.



*Talkover/Handover 2.0, 1a Space, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong.

Is Video Art Dead? — New Formats and New Practises (Panel), Professional Meeting, LOOP Barcelona, Spain.

Expaensive Cinema, Floating Projects, Hong Kong.
^Theory Opera, The 11th Shanghai Biennale, Power Station of Art, Shanghai.



^Be the First Rolling Stones, Screening Series at three locations
(18 Pitt Street, Leader Industrial Centre, Floating Projects), Hong Kong.
^No References: A Revisit of Hong Kong Video and Media Art from 1985, Videotage, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong.

Concrete Videos, Floating Projects, Hong Kong.
Reflecting Locations, Collaboration with Zurich University of the Arts (ZdHK), Connecting Spaces, Hong Kong.

(Speaker), My Art Future, Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong.



^Hazy Winter, Canton Gallery, Guangzhou.

Micro-Narratives Expanding: Invented Time-Space Video Installation, Floating Projects, Hong Kong.

^Screening Marathon, Floating Projects, Hong Kong.

^Annual Show 2015, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

On The Road 2015, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.



PageNEXT, Not as trivial as you think: Hong Kong Art Quiz, Art Basel, Hong Kong.

On The Road 2014, 1a Space, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong.

Playful Media, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

*listed as artist collective Floating Projects Collective

^listed as performance group Moving Moving Images


last updated: april 2021





(U) Texture Print Studio, Tainan, Taiwan.



Emerging Artist Grant | Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


NoExit Grant for Unpaid Artistic Labour.

Para Site Hong Kong. ​


Professional Development Subsidy,

Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong. ​


Residency at Tainan Texture Print Studio, Taiwan.

Cultural Grant | Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


Elemental Dynamite: Research on Intermedia Practices in Animated Pictures (on behalf of Floating Projects Collective) Project Grant | Hong Kong Arts Development Council. http://floatingprojectscollective.net/elemental-dynamite



14 Saturday Mornings with Asia Art Archive - click here

RTHK <The Works> on Un_able Folder 2.0 + Localized Blindness

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《16:91》Double Sunset -click here



Return Flight. Going Down Swinging. Australia. ​


Film Is: Journal of the Artist Film Workshop. Artist Film Workshop, Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie. ​

WITH: A Bookazine on Collaboration between Cultures, Art Forms, and Disciplines. Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich (2014-2017).


Not as Trivial as You Think: Hong Kong Art Quiz. Asia Art Archive (Hong Kong)+ C&G Artpartment.