"Friend 1: Airy Plant.

Friend 2: We see each other every day.

Friend 3: She needs many hugs.

Friend 4: Bo.

Friend 5: It's alright not to speak a word.

Friend 6: It there a lanuage for plants?

Friend 7: Ma got it from her office."

Leftover Love / 2019 /
Staple Bound /  28pp / 210mm x 95mm

Edition of 50 plus 2 artist's proofs


A series of objects drawn. Objects from

my friends and my texts about them.

Available at Floating Projects (HK).


So Good, So Guam / 2019 /
Accordion Bound /  40pp / 55mm x 130mm

Edition of 50 plus 2 artist's proofs


So Good, So Guam is a very long sketch that condenses an 11-day family trip to Guam in 2018. My family went there for my elder brother's wedding ceremony. During the trip, I was constantly stuck in the backseat. I sketched continuously what I've seen and places we went, sometimes the repeated elements are edited out. Spaces and surroundings are also oft distorted or twisted in order to build up the continuity. I didn't draw anything during the ceremony though.

Available at Floating Projects (HK),

Printed Matter Inc. (NY).